Individual role play sessions

Build skills through interactive personalised exercises

Our experienced associates offer a safe and focused environment for participants to practice their communication skills.

With tailored scenarios designed to closely echo interactions from their day-to-day working lives and expert guidance, individuals can explore real-life situations and receive personalised feedback to enhance their performance, all in a risk-free, supportive environment.

In short, we give participants the unique opportunity to try out new ideas, make mistakes and to learn from them, without any negative consequences. 

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Group role play sessions

Build skills and develop teams through interactive group exercises

Group role play sessions establish collaboration and camaraderie among participants while addressing common challenges faced in the workplace.

With interactive exercises and peer feedback, groups can collectively enhance their communication and problem-solving skills. Giving peer groups this experience enhances team dynamics and encourages ongoing learning, feedback and support between colleagues.

Drive lasting change in a safe environment with role play training

Collaborative learning

Participants learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives, creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Efficient time management​

Cover multiple scenarios efficiently within a group setting, maximising training impact in a shorter time frame.

Peer feedback

Colleagues provide valuable insights and constructive feedback, facilitating continuous improvement and skill development.

Confidence building​

Participants gain confidence and competence by engaging in realistic scenarios, enabling them to navigate communication challenges with confidence and skill.

Using Forum Theatre to build a supportive learning environment

Forum theatre workshops provide a dynamic platform for interactive learning and knowledge sharing on a larger scale. If you’ve got a group of more than 20 people then a forum theatre workshop can be an effective, engaging, and dare we say it, fun option!

Whether scripted or improvised, forum theatre engages participants in meaningful discussions and collaborative problem-solving, as they direct our skilled and adaptable role players in acting out a scenario on stage.