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How will role play improve communication skills?

By giving participants practical experience of how to apply communications skills in a variety of circumstances. Our role players cement the theoretical learning from plenary sessions ensuring that participants have a full understanding of the subject matter.

By adding a practical element to theoretical learning. A Confucian scholar once said, what I hear, I forget, what I see, I remember and what I do, I understand. Our role players provide that opportunity to learn by doing. We bridge the gap between knowledge and depth of understanding in a practical way.

We align with your needs and goals and create training based on that. We’ll ask for information and feedback from you and your team and then consult you throughout the development process so that the training we create is relevant, authentic and effective.

Our role players are hugely experienced in a wealth of corporate sectors. Many of them have been training, facilitating and coaching in industry for 30+ years and have a deep understanding of the language, structure and needs of their specialist sectors.

Many of them also have professional experience from previous careers in law, finance and psychology. They are most definitely not just actors.

Many of our actors can be found on the stage in the West End, or in TV shows when they aren’t working with us. None of them have won any Oscars just yet, but if they do, we’ll be expecting an invite to the after party!

Yes! We do have existing scenarios that we can apply to your training, but we can also develop scenarios in conjunction with you and your team that accurately reflect their day to day working lives and ensure any learning objectives are met with pinpoint accuracy.

The majority of our work is with clients in the legal, financial, accounting, tech and manufacturing sectors. However we also work with the public sector, with commercial property developers, business psychologists and more. The fundamental skills of effective communication apply to all sectors and industries. Get in touch and we can talk about our experience in your industry and how we could help you meet your goals.

We offer a full range of standard courses which can be found on our website HERE, these are the subjects we cover most frequently which are applicable across a multitude of sectors, and a wide range of career levels. We can run these courses as they are, we can run them with bespoke role plays for your team, or we can create something to fit your unique training needs.

Yes and yes. We have a pool of talented associates all over the UK, and a worldwide network we can leverage to deliver training wherever you are, in the UK, Europe, US or Asia. We also deliver sessions online and can work around the best time zone for your team.

Role players enact scenarios with participants and give feedback. Facilitators run small breakout groups and facilitate the session.

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