The Art & Science of Effective Networking


Location London, SE1 8QW

Duration 09:30 - 13:00

Cost £497 + VAT

Equip your team with the skills and confidence to build and maintain effective networks that will support both personal and business objectives.

Unlike traditional workshops, you’ll learn through immersive methods of dynamic role play, interactive exercises, and real-life scenarios. You’ll also collaborate with others in breakout sessions and build confidence through targeted feedback and coaching.

Programme Overview

Is it right for me?

This course is ideal for individuals who want to enhance their networking skills and build meaningful relationships within their industry.

Whether you are looking to expand your professional connections, improve your communication abilities, or strategically develop your network, this workshop is perfect for you.

This course is particularly beneficial for professionals in client-facing roles, team leaders, and anyone aiming to leverage their network for career advancement and business success.

What will the learning outcomes be?

Participants will learn how to identify their personal, operational, and strategic networks and analyse their effectiveness. This includes understanding the different types of networks and their importance.

The workshop will help participants develop the confidence needed to approach and engage with new contacts. By addressing common fears and anxieties associated with networking, attendees will adopt a more positive and proactive approach.

Focused sessions on effective communication, including body language and voice control, will enable participants to present themselves authentically and make strong first impressions.

Attendees will explore how to create and communicate their personal brand effectively, highlighting their unique value in networking situations.

Through interactive exercises and real-life scenarios, participants will practice and refine their networking skills, ensuring they leave with actionable strategies for building and maintaining professional relationships.

Delivery Style


Experiential & interactive

Workshop elements

Role play – Frameworks – Forum theatre – Live scenarios – Breakout sessions


09:30 – 13:00