Enhance your training experience with expert role players

Our talented team of corporate role players includes highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in TV, theatre and the corporate sector. Each role player brings a unique blend of talent, creativity and versatility to our training sessions, ensuring engaging and impactful learning experiences for our clients. 

We don’t just hire ‘actors’

All of the corporate role players in our network bring a wealth of experience from diverse industries, allowing them to understand the intricacies of corporate dynamics and communication challenges.

With their keen observational skills and effective feedback techniques, they provide valuable insights and constructive feedback to participants, creating tangible results, continuous improvement and growth. 

How it works

We create and enact realistic scenarios

We create immersive role play scenarios that closely depict real-life situations, enhancing the relevance and application of training content.

Tailored learning for soft-skill development

From assertiveness training to conflict resolution, our  corporate role players skillfully address specific communication needs, helping participants develop practical skills that they can apply in their everyday working lives.   

We run an intense screening process for our actors

We understand the importance of casting the right role players for each training you undertake. Our casting process involves meticulous consideration of factors such as experience, communication skills, adaptability and presence to ensure the highest possible quality of training.  

What you can expect

Punctuality and preparation

Our role players arrive on time and fully prepared for every session, ensuring seamless training delivery.

A supportive and talented presence

With a welcoming demeanour, our team create a supportive learning environment, making participants feel confident and comfortable during role play exercises.

A commitment to excellence

We take pride in our team’s dedication to delivering high-quality performances that consistently exceed client expectations.

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